What is Double Authentication (2FA) and how is it used.

Double authentication is a method of securing an account so that even if somebody obtains the password, they still cannot get in. This is done by having another piece of information needed to get the account, usually, a confirmation code sent to your phone number or a separate device to authenticate the process.

Some other methods require uploading a secret image or phrase in addition to the password, no matter what is your smartphone operating system. Obviously, this reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your important accounts. You should do it even if you have the most secure smartphone, the best privacy phone, an encrypted phone, or an untraceable phone.

How does double authentication work?

The most widely recognized method for utilizing twofold confirmation is to have two snippets of data that are expected to get entrance. What this truly implies is that in the event that someone gets your secret key then they can not sign in except if they additionally have the second snippet of data, either an SMS with an affirmation code, a token created by an application, or one more data like said previously.

Ordinarily, your web-based financial site normally has essentially a two-factor strategy for confirmation. Once in a while, you want to download their application and log and output a QR code and a few different banks just send an SMS.

It generally relies upon the technique utilized by the bank. For instance, in Switzerland, UBS was compensated ordinarily for being the most secure internet banking arrangement. We will before long discuss E-banking in another article.

Why should you use double authentication?

There are several reasons to enable this extra level of security. The 2FA is a genuine cyber security solution. To start, many individuals don’t have a decent secret key. On the off chance that someone learns your secret word, they can get sufficiently close to your record and lock you out.

Even if your password is strong it may be possible for an attacker to guess it. If your password is “password” then that will not be a very secure system as it’s incredibly easy to guess. Easy passwords can also be “brute force” by hackers and accessed easily.

Moreover, if the database of the provider hosting your credentials (for example the website you use to access your emails) is hacked, the hackers can have access to your password and then use it, and try it on other platforms.

Thus, keep in mind that a login-password pair hacked, is maybe a breach of all your online accounts! And breaching your online accounts can maybe lead to gaining control of your devices. For example, if your Google or I-cloud is compromised, the hackers can have control of your devices and withdraw you from a login on it.

But luckily with 2FA, without the second piece of information, a person cannot gain access even if they have your password. Because they would also need to access this second factor and use it to log in to your account, that’s why you should do it even if you have the most secure smartphone, the best privacy phone, an encrypted phone, or an untraceable phone.

How to set the double authentication?

Unfortunately, not every platform allows you to set it. But many of them provide this option. When they provide it, you only need to activate the option (mostly in the security settings of the app) and scan a QR code generated by the website with the 2FA authentication app you’ve installed on your phone.

“Google Authenticator” and “Microsoft Authenticator” are good examples of double authentication software. However, there are a number of open-source alternatives like Aegis Authenticator, PrivacyIDEA, and FreeOTP+ authenticator.

These are mostly used by large organizations to provide a secure method of authentication and won security prizes. AegisAuth also provides a secure way of storing the one-time password generated in a vault which is a good plus and it is available for all smartphone operating systems.

If you’re really wondering about the best security systems in any device then, I would like to introduce Swiss Cyber Security Solutions here. They have plenty of security options like – best privacy phone, untraceable phone, etc. They also have CosmicOS private and secure, it is open source and it doesn’t let anyway compromise with your device privacy.

But, as usual, it is not that simple

Of course, it is very good to use a double authentication method! It is extremely important, even if you have the best privacy phone on the market you should use it.

But if you don’t have an encrypted phone or a secure smartphone, your device can be “easily” hacked and the hackers can access the data from it, overpassing the secured authentication methods described above. Naturally, we will talk about this in other articles.

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