What if I Would Care About My Privacy?

Perhaps you remember the time, at the beginning of the telephone era, when we still had to memorize the numbers of all our contacts? Then a great revolution came, being able to save the numbers on the phone’s memory card, but a problem persisted, when we changed phones, we lost the whole list.

We then had to write all the numbers on a piece of paper and re-enter them one by one in the new phone. This problem was solved when we were able to save the contacts on the SIM card memory.

Some people would say that those were the good old days and maybe they were right, but it would have been a shame not to know the new area that came in like a tidal wave and took us all away: the Internet.

The world changed the day the Internet entered our homes. Up to that point, when something didn’t work, we needed to go to somebody to fix it. Since the Internet, nobody requirements to move from home. As life has become more virtual, so have the issues. Initially, the issues were mostly because of the sluggish and wasteful web association. As the Internet was going through the phone line, we were unable to utilize them simultaneously.

It appears to be crazy today, yet large contentions were brought into the world from this contention. Then, at that point, there was the subject of the speed of the association. You needed to leave your PC running most of the day to download a solitary melody… Time appears to have changed today, or perhaps we live it in an unexpected way?

Today, we are so much in this virtual world, that it becomes difficult to distinguish the real world from the fictional one, and the future seems to be written in this direction. Until the day that maybe the digital world will be our only reality.

This reality poses an unprecedented problem, digital privacy. Unpublished, because since our childhood, we have learned what privacy is, how to protect it, how to live it, where to place our limits, and to choose what we want to share and with whom. We do it naturally since it is values transmitted through our parents who received it from their parents, etc. We know that we should not undress in front of everyone, because we do not reveal our bodies to anyone.

What about digital privacy? Can the values remain the same? If so, how can they be applied? If not, who defines the new values to have?

Today we need to use the most secure smartphone or the best privacy phone to feel comfortable. but we don’t really know what that means or how it works. Using an encrypted phone or an untraceable phone, do you really know the difference?

I think that these are essential questions that we must ask ourselves today because the digital world is moving so fast that we will be overtaken very quickly if it is not already the case.

Let’s make a little comparison. If I decide to show a paper photo to friends, I show it to different people, and then I put it away. It’s pretty simple.

Assuming I put a photograph of myself on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and choose to share it just with my companions, what does that truly mean? In the first place, you really want to know the agreements of every stage in regards to photographs, in particular, that any photographs posted on informal communities never again have a place with you. To the extent that anybody can repost it, take a screen capture, it is out of your control. So when I share my photograph with my companions, truly, I’m offering it to the world to do what it satisfies also.

of course, the platform also “collects” this information. By the way, we will analyze in a future article the general conditions of these social network platforms (yippee!!!).

How to protect yourself then?

In the settings of the social networks maybe? No, because in order to use them, you have to accept their conditions.

With the most secure smartphone, best privacy phone, encrypted phone, untraceable phone, open-source no, because a “secure” phone can protect you from many things, but not from yourself. The devices that can, and there are some 😉 won’t give you the opportunity to install this kind of application, but you will be able to connect via the web browser. In the end, to protect yourself, you’ll either have to stop using this kind of consumer application, as more privacy-friendly ones exist that we’ll also discuss shortly. You can even switch to the best privacy phone, or an Untraceable Phone to protect your privacy. The other alternative is to consciously accept the reality and its consequences; namely, the fact that your photos can and will be hijacked, judged, mocked, withheld, and used against you, just like your words and all the other data you offer.

As they say: “A wise man is worth two” and this is of course valid for women. I’m not so sure about children, though.

In the conditions of most social networks, the age limit is set at 13 years. Can we consider that a teenager of this age can apprehend the future consequences of his actions? Each parent will have their own opinion, but one thing is certain: no one can hide today behind the fact that they didn’t know.

For those who don’t know or have forgotten, there was a life before digital. In fact, it was not so bad.

We can accept digital in our lives, but not at any cost; especially not at the cost of our freedom. Our ancestors fought for millennia to emancipate themselves from their servitude. Having become our own masters, we have all obtained the right to create. The last few centuries have shown that technological acceleration is literally exponential. But it is up to us not to become slaves of our creation.

Fortunately, digital technology is quite fragile. What it has is only what we give it. And if tomorrow I threw away my computer and my phone, I wouldn’t suddenly die. I will just – maybe – live again.

So if you do really care about your privacy then start using the most secure smartphone provided by the cosmic dolphins.

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