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How to Keep Your Trees Sturdy and Healthy?

Trees play an imperative role in our landscapes. They do not just help in improving the visual appeal of our yard, but they also help in the prevention of soil erosion, provide shade to our property, improve oxygen levels in the air and maintain ecological balance.

In addition to this, trees help in increasing the property value.  Trees offer so many benefits to our place and our lives. But we often forget to take care of our trees. If you want to make sure that your trees are working properly, then you should do regular care and maintenance.

Here, in this write-up, I am going to tell you simple ways to keep your trees strong and healthy:

  • Plant Native Trees

It is the first and most important thing to consider. You should wisely choose the species of tree to plant in your yard. If you want to ensure years of enjoyment from your yard trees, then we recommend you to choose only native species.

By choosing the tree species that are well adapted to your environment, then you need to put in less effort for maintenance. If you want to know more about which tree species are good for your yard, then you should consider taking help from professionals such as tree services Sydney contractors.  

  • Remove Stakes Early

You should let your trees sway in the wind because it will help in developing a strong trunk. If your young tree is not able to stand on its own, then you can use stakes to provide support to the trunk of a young tree. But we recommend you remove the stake early and let the tree stand and grow alone. It will lead to the formation of string trunks and branches of trees.

  • Remove Unwanted Grass

You should remove unwanted grass around the young tree because it will take away all nutrients and water from your tree. It will lead to a lack of necessary water and nutrients from your young tree. In addition to this, grass growing around the tree will also compete for air and affect the growth of the tree. If you allow the grass to grow up near their trunk, then it will lead to the improper growth of the tree. If you want to obtain the best results, then you should maintain the grass-free area around the tree.

  • Adequate Watering

Young trees need more water as compared to fully grown trees. Therefore, you should supply adequate water to your plants. Young trees need regular water for their healthy growth. Matured trees also need water during excessively hot days. You should make sure that water can reach the entire root zone.

Also, you should let the soil dry partially before starting to water again. Lawn sprinklers do not help water trees because they can make them wet deep enough. Thus, we recommend you choose soil basins or drip irrigation systems.

  • Use Fertilizers

You should call the professionals at least twice a year for a thorough inspection of trees in your yard. You should ask them to check the soil’s nutrients. If the soil is deficient in any kind of nutrient, then use fertilizer. You should read the instructions properly before starting to use fertilizers. Also, you should use organic fertilizer to avoid adverse impacts on the soil and other plants in the surrounding area.

  • Mulching

It is a technique in which the pine straw or post is spread under the canopy of the tree. We recommend you apply 2-3 inches of mulch. There are various benefits of mulching like cooling soil, preserving moisture levels, stopping the production of weed, etc. You should replenish mulch frequently.

  • Regular Trimming and Pruning

Regular trimming and pruning can help in improving the strength of your trees. We recommend you make thinning cuts rather than heading cuts. If you want to prune or trim large size trees, then you should take help from certified tree professionals. Implementing accurate pruning and trimming techniques at the right time of the year can help in making a difference.

  • Protect Roots of Tree

You should not park your vehicle around the tree because they can make the soil compact and soil will not be able to breathe. It can kill your roots and ultimately your tree will die. Also, you should avoid removing soil beneath the tree canopies.

  • Control Pests and Insects

Some pests and insects can harm your trees like adult Japanese Beetles, Adelgids, and Caterpillars. These pests can do serious damage to your tree and affect their health. You should regularly inspect your trees to protect them from pest infestation. If you observe any signs of pests, then you should take guidance from tree professionals. There are some chemicals available in the market that can help in killing the pests and protect your trees.

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