Leather Shoes

Despite a significant increase in the demand for formal leather shoes, it’s evident that the shoe repair industry isn’t what it used to be in the old days. There are now far fewer shoe repairmen and cobblers found around the corners of our streets than there were even about 20-30 years ago.

It’s also a fact that the quality of formal shoes has fallen off the radar, mostly because of the increase in demand people are inclined to choose low-quality leather shoes that don’t last long but are available for much lower prices.

These low-quality shoes become worn out after wearing them just a few times, meaning that they become irreparable before you can even visit a cobbler for advice.

But the modern era comes with its aids, meaning that even with a decrease in the shoe repair industry, there are much more equipment and methods available at our disposal to make taking care of formal shoes easier.

You just need to be responsible enough to use those methods at the right time in the right way. In this blog, let’s have a look at some ways to make your formal leather shoes last longer.

1.  Clean Your Leather Shoes

The first step is the most important and easiest, keep your leather shoes clean. Although this depends upon the type of leather shoes you have.

If it’s finished leather, using mild soap and a damp cloth can do the trick for you. Avoid using a sponge as it may contain chemicals that can destroy the lifespan of your leather shoes.

If it’s unfinished leather, use saddle soap and apply it gently onto the surface of the shoe creating a lather. Then allow it to dry off naturally as saddle soap consists of a wax that can help protect the unfinished leather.

If your shoes have water or salt stains, a mixture of two-part water and one-part vinegar can help clean those stains.

2. Polish and Condition

The first step to conditioning your shoes is to remove the laces first, if they have any, as laces can prevent conditioner and polish to spread evenly across the surface of your leather shoes.

If your leather shoes dry out, it can lead to cracks that will ruin the shoe quality. It’s important to condition your leather shoes as they help moisturize the leather.

Use a soft cloth to apply the conditioner in circular movements, and once you’re done, remove any excess conditioner left on the shoe.

It’s also vital to polish your shoes at least once a month. Make sure you’re using a polish that matches your shoe color, and then use a soft cloth or horsehair brush to apply polish to the shoe softly.

Then remove any excess polish left on the surface. It’s better to use wax-based polish as it can protect the shoe for a longer period.

3. Store them Safely

If your shoes are wet, wrap them up in a newspaper for safekeeping and to dry out moisture. Also, it’s important to note whether you’re alternating between shoes i.e. you have a few good pairs of leather shoes to choose from.

Leather, if constantly exposed to water, mud, etc. can wear off. So alternating between the days of wearing a specific pair of shoes gives them a resting time to dry out moisture.

It’s important to keep your shoes stored in proper shoe bags, as they can help protect the leather from damage and excess weather conditions like sunlight etc.

Furthermore, insert cedar shoe trees in your leather shoes while storing them; they have good antibacterial properties that can wick water away and keep the shoes safe and protected.

4. Make the Shoes Weatherproof

Use a good beeswax product that can provide a seal to your leather shoes against the weather. Apply the product with a soft cloth or brush and then remove any excess beeswax from the surface.

Doing this once a season can provide for a good layer of protection to the leather shoes against harsh weather conditions like snow etc.

5. Seek Professional Help

There may not be too many repairmen, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Taking your shoes to a professional for repairs can help you tackle two problems that you can’t on your own: replace worn-out soles and repair the shoe heel.

If you have a pair of good quality leather shoes but it’s not comfortable in the sole, this is the solution you need to make your shoes last longer.

These are the most common methods to ensure your formal leather shoes last a long time. Make sure you’re buying from the best formal leather shoe brands to guarantee quality and better durability.

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